Thursday, October 17, 2002

In the news is the bombing in Zamboanga. Incidentally, my officemate is there this day and have been updating us through text message like CNN, every minute by the minute. Violence looms this world. Just last week, a bomb blast in Bali, Indonesia killed almost a hundred and eighty people. And right at this moment, a sniper must be aiming for a victim at the other side of the globe. It is quite strange how people think, like that sniper leaving a note and saying that he is god. Like he has the "power" to take away life he did not create and not of his own. What benefit to him is taking another's life? I find it strange that people could do such a terrible act. And what about those who strap themselves with bombs and commit suicide in crowds of people? Isn't it strange how, for a certain group of people, find it "heroic" to "sacrifice" their life while taking with them mass of innocent victims? For what purpose? To achieve what?

What value is life to them? If they do not value their own life, they should not expect others to do the same. Surely, I wonder what Cain must have had running within his mind?

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