Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Have you ever been in love? When you yearn to see someone, daily if possible? And it is a terrible, terrible feeling to miss her? To crave to spend your time to get to know her more? To love and care for her in utter disregard of her returning that feeling for you?

Last night, this thought just dawned on me. God loves us so much right? Then, if we, who are naturally evil could learn to love someone in our own human ways, how awesome would the love God has for us then be?

I remember the time I first knew God, or at least have a knowledge of who God is. It was quite a sensation to get to know His character, to find out His plans for me, to understand how much He cares for and loves me. It was quite exciting, the hype and all that! No, please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to base my faith on emotion. The point I'm getting is this, I want to encourage us to love God more than how we would love a person. To love God like it is again our first time to know Him. I have never before entertained the idea of comparing 'romantic' love to loving God. But it is possible, and I'm excited!

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