Monday, October 07, 2002

Happiness... is temporal and variable.

It is based on expectation. We base our happiness on an ideal which has to meet a set of conditions or criterion if you will, a standard. And if that ideal is not met, we are not happy. Would it be that we are happier if we lessen our expectation? Then we might say that happiness is inversely proportional to expectation.

It is based on events. Happiness is based on conditions conducive to our desires. The sudden surge of a tragic news affects our emotion. And more often, our tragedy outweighs our joy. It is easier for a tear to fall than to lift a heavy heart. Thus, happiness is the absence of tragedy or sorrow.

It is an idea, solely different for each person. A psychopath's happiness is different from that of a sane person. A simpleton different from that of a learned, a child different from that of an adult. It is an ideology. It is an attitude. Those who grew in an environment full of hostility will find it difficult to be happy. Wrought in anger, they will start the day with hatred and end the day in despair.

Moving on, and on the same note, I just received an unexpected news. I got an email from a former girlfriend. She already got married. Happily married at that, not that she shouldn't be. I am actually glad she is happy, finally. Yet how come I feel heavy as if a dark cloud hovers over me? Selfishness dictates she should have been mine. Pride dictates I should have been the guy. But life goes on.

Moving on, and on a brighter note. I was quite early out of the office, which was unusual. So I happened to pass by National Book Store today. I was looking for a book on either philosophy or history when I ended up in the classical literature section of the store. I saw “The Happy Prince and Other Stories” by Oscar Wilde, which lead me to this topic about happiness. I know and like the story of The Happy Prince but I wouldn't have bought the book had I not seen that the price was irressistible. At P69 (approx $1.30), it was a bargain. I had P200 left on my wallet but what the heck, it's a good book and a good book is a good investment. I'm happy. And life goes on.

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