Saturday, October 05, 2002

Reading a webpage about astronomy, I found out some interesting facts.

The nearest star system in the Milky Way Galaxy is the Alpha Centauri, which is a three-star system. Its smallest star, the Proxima Centauri (named Proxima because of its distance) is the nearest star to the sun, which has a distance of 4.23 lightyears. One of its star, Alpha Centauri A, the third brightest star in the galaxy, is as large and as bright as the sun.

I am awed by the greatness of the known universe. Like clockwork, the planets, in their own axes, orbit around the sun, and moons around their planets. If evolution is true, it would have followed a grand design. For evolution was sparked by random, and the universe operates by order. Without order, planets and stars would have followed unknown course which would result to collission. The planets, moons and stars would have been like corns popped inside an oven, without direction. Without order, there would have been no astronomy, only astrology. Without order, there would only be magic and no science.

Surely, the universe is a large place to live in. Yet we crowd in a very tiny planet.

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