Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I just updated a checklist of things to do for tomorrow. I feel good seeing that it I've got it organized. Yeah! However, the more I get it organized, the more I see that I've got a lot of stuff going on. Wait up, am I getting the raw end of the bargain here? Whatever, for tomorrow, tomorrow only, I've got three meetings to attend to, three issues to discuss (not included in those meetings) with key people, six items to accomplish for my travel to Cotabato. Plus, plus, plus.

Speaking of my travel to Cotabato, I'm a bit, yep you heard it... a bit, scared. Who wouldn't with all the news of bombings in the South? I didn't have a choice though. They say I am the best candidate to go there since I'm a bachelor. Since when did getting married become an excuse to danger? Well, I can't blame them, being married is enough danger in itself. hehe.

I'm going to Cotabato to follow through the product trainings conducted within the area. I guess I have to do a little interview here and there, provide a little suggestion, receive complaints, perhaps make a call or two to head office and what have you. Exciting ba? And during the night there, I'd probably stay in the room, turn the tv (if there is one) volume low and lock all bolts of the door. Quite exciting nga! I'm going to enjoy this, I hope!

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