Monday, March 14, 2005

The idea of god or gods has been present since civilization began. In the absence of science, men needed to explain the things around them such as the changing of weather, different seasons, birth, life, death, and all other phenomena they have observed. Men of different trades sought an “object being” to respond to their needs. There came about different gods for different reasons and purposes. This gave birth to the polytheism of old civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans and Norsemen to name a few. We now call these beliefs mythology. It can now be said therefore that mythology is an extinct, legendary religion. Ironically however, most religions of today are not too distant from its mythological ancestor.

We see at present people worshipping different beings for different reasons. There are deities “specializing” in fertility, for animals, for good crops and what-have-yous. Does this not suggest that man, is in need of a being to direct his attention to? A being to worship? It could well then suggest or indicate that man has a longing for a supernatural being. Could I then say that there is that necessity of a supernatural being to act as an object of praise during good and prosperous times, as an object of petition during want or suffering, or as an object of ‘direction’ when man cannot anymore find reason?

If it could be established that man is in need of a supernatural being to worship, does it necessarily point to the existence of that necessity? Not necessarily so! The necessity of an object does not prove its existence. On the other hand, the necessity of an object may give rise to its invention. Could it be possible then that this need gave rise to a Necessary Invention, that is God?

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