Tuesday, March 01, 2005

For weeks, I have been plagued by my search for “truth.” How did it come about? And what do I mean exactly?

I have always agreed with Sun Tzu when he said “know yourself and know your enemy, in a hundred battle you will never lose.” In fact, Socrates even referred to the words inscribed on the temple at Delphi which reads “know yourself.” In contemplating that thought, I then ask “who am I?” thus, the beginning of a “self assessment.”

In order to arrive to a truthful self assessment, it has to be systematic. An analysis has to be made on my heritage (this shall include my family and it’s values), culture (my ethnicity and its tradition), history, and my ideology or set of belief. The latter led me to ask “what is my ideology? What do I really believe?”

To believe in something either indicates that one is absolutely sure that what he believes is true, or that one gives full trust or confidence to its proponent. Am I then absolutely sure of what I believe? If not, could there be a systematic approach to examine my belief? This question I shall try to undertake.

Foremost of the question of one’s belief would relate to one’s belief in God, in a god, in a deity, or in a divine being. To believe in God, in a god, in a deity, or in a divine being means to have faith. But could there be such a thing as a methodical or systematic approach in establishing faith? If a scientific approach is possible, would it not contradict the very essence of faith? That faith is that which puts one’s trust or hope, even in the absence of reason, even in the presence of opposition, to a deity?

Notwithstanding, I shall try to attempt, for purposes of establishing reason, for my satisfaction. In order to be able to arrive at a conclusion in a systematic and methodical approach, all bias (if present) must be (if possible) totally prevented. To do this, I must try to “unlearn” all the doctrines I “knew.” You may say it is not possible. But still, I say that an attempt must be made. Those factors that influence bias or partiality must be avoided. As an example, I must point out that to refer to the bible as the infallible word of God already establishes that there is a god. That god indicated in the bible. In which case, this would make my attempt useless. That is what I mean by avoiding factors that influence bias or partiality.

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