Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Puraran Island, Catanduanes

Creation declares the greatness of God. Nature reflects or displays how awesome His power is.

Sitting in front of the beach in Puraran, I am awed by the vastness of the ocean. Yesterday, as we rode a boat for Gigmoto, I was afraid of the enormous waves that seemed to greet us with ecstacy, like a child excited and eager for the arrival of his dad from the office. One, just one of those countless waves crashing into our path is enough to capsize our boat. The power of those waves even created cave-like entrance to the large rock formations we passed by.

From the beach of Gigmoto, we trekked to a waterfall. The place was simply amazing. Waters were falling from the top of the mountain with such enormous force.

God not only created nature enormous. He also created it beautiful.

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