Monday, January 27, 2003

In February, I'll be the one to share a testimony about "Intimacy with God."

I just had written the draft, which I have referred mostly to some of the things I wrote in my journal before. This is the draft:

I have accepted Christ to become my Lord and Savior for almost fifteen (15) years now. Since that time, it was probably more of a convenience than a need that I have done that. I had no vices, and I thought I was righteous. I had to believe because it was convenient to. it was the right thing to do.

However, I discovered, only late in my Christian life that I had to love God more than anything else, more than anyone else. And I only realized that when I compared loving God to loving a person.

So I had to experience and imagine myself, being in love with someone. I imagined when I long so much to see that object of my affection. to never miss every opportunity possible to talk with, to spend time with, to discover new things about her that I never knew before. And I never fail to talk about her, and tell others about how I feel. I just cannot help but tell.

And I realized, it is not even worth comparing to the love of God. But imagine, if I, fully human, capable of loving a person with so much intensity, how much more intense could the love of God be for me? Then, it is not also right that I love God more intensely than I love that person?

If I may, allow me to share to you the following ideas I discovered in order to be intimate with God, it is these:

1. Realize that God loves you so much. It has somehow lost its impact as we always hear it in John 3:16. But this thought should not be neglected.

2. Love God more than the way you love a person. It is possible to be "romantically" in love with God.

3. When you love God, desire Him like everyday is the first time you got to know God. More and more, I discover new things about God and about His character.

4. God is a jealous god. I cannot help but put much emphasis on the thought that God is a jealous god. We should desire Him more than anything, more than anyone else.

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