Friday, August 06, 2004

I notice "Christians" with the same rough attitude, if not worst, than those who are “non-believers.” The sad thing about it is when we brush it aside, if not totally ignore it, because we are already "forgiven." Isn't there still such a thing as ethics? And doesn't ethics apply to Christianity as well? Or is it just "morals" that Christians should be on guard with?

What is sadder is when we show double standards with these. What do I mean? There are instances that we show compassion towards other people, but contempt towards our brothers. We often hear our pastors talk about words such as love, grace and mercy. But words such as gentleness, humility, kindness are often also emphasized. Are these even neglected? Should we show these attitude only to those whom we "share" the gospel to, and the opposite to fellow believers?

Perhaps it is because we take for granted our brothers. Since we know that fellow believers would understand us when we are not careful with our actions, it may already be a license for abuse. We might think that "since I and my brother both know the love, and mercy of Christ, he will already understand me if I will be less careful and show my rude side." But what if we're wrong and they won’t understand?

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